get to know me


Liz is an MFA graduate from Columbia College Chicago where she happily studied creative writing and the teaching of writing. Besides writing, Liz has dipped her hands in cheerleading (and coaching cheerleading), ballroom dancing, book binding, and a bit of paper making. Liz was also a teaching artist for a lovely company called Story Catchers where she was the lead writing instructor and also tutored undergraduates at her college. Currently she is a bartender who gets to listen to strangers tell stories all day and then goes to her little Chicago apartment to write all night. It is Liz's dream to run a writing workshop in prison because she believes words can change things. She loves people, dancing, coffee, reading, and singing while doing the dishes. She spends a lot of time trying to decide where home is (Chicago or New Jersey) and so she plays hopscotch between the two. If she is not in the midst of hopscotch you can usually spot her making life decisions based on how good of a story she will get out of it later.